Mattress Collection

Mattress Collection Form

Please fill out this Mattress Collection Form to schedule your mattress pickup. Mattress Collection is held on the 2nd and 4th Saturday of each month. Cut off time to schedule your collection is the Thursday preceding pickup dates.

The City of East Providence Department of Public Works’ Refuse and Recycling Division announces that commencing June 1st, the City will be starting a new mattress recycling program to comply with the State’s mattress recycling initiative. Presently, mattresses are picked up curb side with the regular trash. These mattresses end up in the landfill, and the City is charged a premium disposal fee of $50 per mattress by the Rhode Island Resource Recovery Corporation. Starting the first week of June, mattresses will no longer be picked up with the regular trash. To keep the mattresses separate from the trash and collected for recycling purposes, the City’s refuse and recycling contractor, MTG Disposal, will pickup mattresses curbside on the second and fourth Saturday of every month. Pickups must be scheduled in advance of the collection day.

If you have a mattress for disposal, please schedule pickup by using the Pickup Request Form on the city’s web site or contact the City’s Refuse and Recycling Division at 435-7710 to schedule a pickup. The first mattress pickup day will be Saturday, June 11th.

For more information contact the Recycling office at 435.7710 or 435-7701.